Apologies for my recent absence…Like I said this festival is just draining away every bit of energy and time I have! However, don’t despair! I have a lot of recipes and photos to post (Brownies made in a skillet, Fettucine Alfredo from scratch, Salmon in mustard, etc…) and an exciting collaboration to announce with my dear friend De who has just gone public with her new blog, Cooking for the Other Half, which will eventually lead to a cookbook! I will soon be testing out some recipes, posting them here, and giving her my feedback. Should be SWEET!

Also, I’m going to Roma in September for a week and my man and I may go for a cooking class! It’s totally set for English speakers but it could be amazing to learn techniques and cook with fresh ingredients found at open air markets in the homeland (not that I’m Italian…says the New York Jewish Scot).

So! Know that I’m thinking of you and my loverly blog and know that better and better photos are coming as I just purchased some macro lens filters for my camera!

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