Shout out to the Box Office Peeps!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to pay my homage to Julia this past week, so it may have to way until the end of August when I can spend hours cooking again (HURRAY!). But I wanted to take time to tell you how amazing our box office staff is…not only as box office tellers, but as cooks! We had our end of the summer thank you party Monday and everything was either Vegan or Batt Lady friendly and it was all DELICIOUS. The menu was:

Tomato Goat Cheese Tart in an amazing butter crust (Batt Lady friendly but not Vegan)

Seitan Wings in hot sauce (made from the VeganDad recipe)

Foccacia with a Bruschetta style salad

No bake Chocolate, Peanut butter, Oat Cookies (Vegan!)

Vegan/Batt Lady friendly chocolate cupcakes (find the recipe here)

Vegan/Batt Lady friendly chocolate chip cookies (a long time in the making Batt Lady creation)


Basically, I need to make some changes in my eating style. I love eating. I love Julia Child style cooking. But I need to experiment more with healthier food and smaller portions. So keep an eye out for healthier food and lower fat desserts that will still knock your socks off…

Also, if you’re ever in Red Hook. Flat Iron steak house is amazing. I had a Steak Frites with their au poivre sauce, side of truffle mac & cheese, Old Speckled Hen beer, and a bite of John’s dessert which was an Orange and Honey scented creme brulee with local cherries on top (gotta say, the cherries did NOT work…they got slightly heated by the brulee and it wasn’t a good flavor). Everything was amazing. So go check it out! ; )

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