Cupcake Remix

Last year the Boy made me this incredible chocolate layer cake with a peanut butter cream cheese filling and a heavy chocolate ganache on top. It was stunning…but unfortunately I was having stomach problems at the time and couldn’t fully enjoy it. So this year I decided we should have a remake of the cake … Continue reading

Real, slow cooked Ragu and fresh pasta!

That’s right – the Boy got me a pasta machine! AND cooked all day yesterday for my late birthday dinner with some friends making the most delicious ragu I’ve ever tasted. Ever. (AND got me a culinary torch with a butane refill). Is he the best or what?! Read on for this ultimate ragu’s recipe … Continue reading

Murgh Korma

It’s starting to get cold outside…and as much as I love my soup, I was wanting nothing but curry and some real chai (because I was missing Pookie who used to leave me real chai most mornings before work). So, I gathered the spices I bought in Little India (so cheap and so good!) and … Continue reading

Two kinds of gnocchi, two ways

Did you know different regions of Italy have different definitions of gnocchi? Neither did I…but I suppose we should have known considering the variations on basic sauces and pasta dishes around the country as well as different takes on wine, cheeses, and pastry. But still! Cool discovery! I decided to make the traditional gnocchi after … Continue reading

Southern Night!

Reading all of the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog entries for the 2nd Challenge, I began to think about a cuisine that was out of my comfort zone. Sure, I’ve never cooked anything from Africa, nor have I cooked a lot of foods from South America, but I realized I’d never even made some of the … Continue reading

Chickpea Cutlets

An amazing and tasty vegetarian main course! You can serve them with any sauce or in a sandwich. I could definitely go vegetarian with these on my side. They’re kind of like vegetarian chicken nuggets – same texture, even better flavor. Thank you, Pookie, for the recipe! Read on for the recipe and photos…

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Ever have a craving for cupcakes that lasts about two weeks?  Is your favorite kind of cupcake red velvet? Ever feel blue/run out of red food coloring when you finally find an opportunity to make cupcakes? I bring you…blue velvet cupcakes for a birthday! Read on for the recipe and pictures…

Spinach Ravioli with Sage Butter Sauce

Since making my first fresh pasta in Rome I’ve been wanting to make fresh ravioli (not mention the fact that I haven’t had ravioli in a while…). I invited over Miss Em and we worked out our girly aggression on rolling out this hefty pasta dough by hand (still no pasta machine – but my … Continue reading

Apologies and a Question…

Dear Friends, Apologies once again for my absence! It’s not that I haven’t been cooking, it’s more that I’ve been involved in lots of other things, for example, applying to graduate schools, getting ready for my next translation class, and trying to fix whatever I did to my back my first day in Rome. I … Continue reading

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