Cauliflower Sformato

What’s a sformato you may ask? I have no idea. I do not know where the name came from – but this dish is wonderful. It’s a great side, or a good vegetarian entree. It’s sort of a mix between a casserole and a souffle and is full of good for you roasted cauliflower (and/or … Continue reading

Can’t forget the Gravy!

No, it’s not vegetarian, but it’s using up all the parts of the turkey – and it’s delicious! Not much to say about this recipe except that it’s delicious (and gets even better the longer it simmers) so Read on for the recipe and for the photos…

Alexandra Deshor-tasty the 20 Pound Turkey!

The main event and the biggest turkey I’ve ever roasted! Thank goodness the Med boy was here to help carve, otherwise I don’t know what we would have done….probably ripped pieces off with our teeth? In all seriousness, this is the best way to roast a turkey I’ve found so far – no stuffing, just … Continue reading

Braided Pretzel Loaves

I knew I wanted to have bread on the table at our Pre-Thanksgiving feast and had already tested out the No-Knead Bread (remember the Easiest Bread Ever? Yea, that one!) and knew it would be perfect. But as I searched on Tastespotting for more ideas and revelations, I found these beautiful braided loaves and knew … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ravioli

For the past few years we’ve gone to Thanksgiving dinner not at our families’ but at the Maestro’s house along with lots of other musicians/artists who also happen to be huge foodies. It’s always a blast and the food is always non-traditional for Thanksgiving.  The first course is usually a chestnut soup, the second a … Continue reading

Mulled Apple Cider Cocktail

To start off your Thanksgiving feast on a sweet and autumn-y note, try this amazing cocktail. It’s got the warmth of flavor from the mulled cider and the bubbly good feeling of the sparkling wine. A lot of us felt it was like a fall Sangria. What better way to start off a great night? … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie-lets

Mini pumpkin pies and…announcing…that we have found: THE PERFECT PUMPKIN PIE RECIPE Oh yes. I said it. The PERFECT pumpkin pie recipe. I took the dough recipe from The Food Librarian recipe and the filling from the CookWomanFood recipe (although we discovered there’s enough filling for two 9″ pies in there…oh well, we jarred the … Continue reading

Puff Pastry Samosas

Need even more options for what to do with your puff pastry? How about something savory and AMAZING? Samosas are normally fried, but if you use puff pastry instead, they can be baked. Does that make them healthier? No, puff pastry is mostly butter…but still. They are a quick way to make samosas that taste … Continue reading

Quest for the Perfect Scottish Oatcakes

Growing up with a Scottish mother, I became addicted to certain foods that are hard to find in the US (or that aren’t the typical way or eating them in the US),  i.e. English breakfast tea, weak, with milk and sugar, margarine and marmite, and OATCAKES! I was craving them recently and didn’t feel like … Continue reading

Pumpkin Puree & Curried Pumpkin Seeds

Make your own pumpkin puree. Seriously. It’s cheap and extremely useful and you can store it forever in the freezer! As you’re scooping out the guts of your pumpkin, save the seeds to roast. We’ve perfect a recipe for Garam Masala Pumpkin Seeds – they are delicious and a healthy snack! Read on for the … Continue reading

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