Millionaire’s Shortbread Winner!

Before addressing this beauty pictured above, let’s address the fact that not everyone has plentiful food this holiday. Children go hungry over the holidays and the rest of the year. Want to get involved? I did. I do. You can’t love food without facing billions of issues these days – where our food comes from, … Continue reading

Box Office Friendly Brownies – Vegan and Agave Sweetened

End of semester always comes upon us rather unexpectedly, especially since we don’t have finals in the box office…but we always have a little pizza party and farewell to some students. I decided to bring in some tasty baked goods which of course had to be sugar free and vegan and I stumbled upon this … Continue reading

The definition of warm and cozy – Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

While trying to find the perfect holiday treat to bring to Miss Em’s party this past weekend, I stumbled upon the prospect of a Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcake but found that none of the recipes would quite reflect the complexity and depth of flavor of true Mexican Hot Chocolate. The frostings all seemed slightly off…too … Continue reading

Classy and Refreshing Dessert

So we had been asked to bring dessert to the Scottish family Thanksgiving and I had to rack my brains trying to think of something light, sophisticated, refreshing, and still impressive to bring, as they usually tease me for having the most unhealthy food on my blog. I came across this recipe for honeyed pears … Continue reading

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust – Sweet or Savory?

Well, I’m going to have to leave the verdict up to you, but I’ll say that it is the perfect combo of sweet and salty. I’d seen recipes for this for a while and had always been curious to try it, so, in my testing period for our pre-Thanksgiving feast, I made mini – cupcake … Continue reading

Sausage Stuffing

A very traditional British recipe that I grew up with and can’t live without…ok, well I can’t live without it at the holidays. It’s a delicious and very simple stuffing that pairs perfectly with your turkey. Be prepared to drool. = ) Read on for the recipe and photos…

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